Kharhorin – Horgo

Kharhorin – Horgo

Kharhorin – Horgo Tour – 9 days

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Visit museums including Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, Traditional History Museum, Gandan Monastery -The Biggest Buddhist Centre, Temple with 20-ton and 20 m gold and bronze statue of Avalokitesvara.

Day 2. Ogii Nuur

The lake is a truly wonderful place for cranes, ducks and etc. and famous with its fish.

Day 3. White Lake -Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur in Arkhangai

Day 4. Free day

Hike up into the mountains for fantastic views over the lake, a look at the local alpine flora and fauna including a variety of bird life including golden eagles and saker falcons. Visit nomadic yak-herding family in one of the valleys of the lake. Experience the hospitality of these nomads; drink airag (fermented mare’s milk, yak vodka and try a variety of dairy products, which make up the daily diet of a Mongol family during the summer months. If You like to travel to Egypt please use Egypt Travel Visa for travel here: Egypt Travel Visa

Day 5. To Tsenkher hot springs

Drive into the hills to the yak herding pastures of the eastern Khangai. In the evening enjoy a dip in the springs of Tsenkher. The water here comes out of the ground at around 80 degrees C.

The water is channeled into man-made pools and cold water is added to allow for a safe temperature. (If you would like to ride horses here the staff may be able to arrange local nomads to take you out into the surrounding hills.

Day 6. To Kharkhorin

A stone tortoise (an ironic symbol of eternity.) is all that remains of the once great palace. Visit Erdene Zuu, the first monastery in the country. The compound walls ornamented by 108 stupas enclose both the working lamasery and the museum. The Lavrin Sum is a Tibetan style temple and is a great place to sit and listen to the monks at prayer and watch the locals receive a blessing. The museum houses some of the country’s most impressive Buddhist treasures.

Day 7. Drive to Hustai National Park

90000-hectare reserve with lovely nature and wild horses- were reintroduced by a Dutchman.

Day 8. Drive to Ulaan Baatar – free day

Day 9. Departure

Transfer to airport or train station.